Building Healthy Eating Habits

"A blog to share my journey in making some necessary dietary changes in my life."  

steak and asparagus

An Introduction

As the site name suggests, my name is Mike Kahler and I am here to share my journey on the path to a healthier diet.
During this journey, I am hoping to learn not only what things are beneficial, but also, why they are beneficial.

You see, after years of eating whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted, and in portions of any size (the larger the better) I wanted,
several health issues including obesity, heart disease and diabetes appeared.
Seems like a good time to make some much needed changes!

Along with stories along the way, I am planning on including healthy recipes, information about all
the various characteristics of food, and those things I believe may be helpful to others concerning the motivation
needed with such an endeavor.

Well, I'll keep this first post short and finish up by saying I wish you all the best, and asking for your prayers and support along the way.

They will definitely be needed!